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Steff's Christmas Cake - A Dark Fruit Cake

A treasured favorite from Steff's family.

Cooking is always a factor for every sister in the Price family.

Keep it up, Sisters. Even your fruitcake is a delicious, marvelous masterpiece!

Reebar Salad

My friend Beanie is one of the best cooks I know. She introduced me to this incredible, crunchy salad with beets and toasted almonds with a basil viniagrette. Simply heavenly!

The dressing comes from a super restaurant called Reebar in Victoria British Columbia. I was in Victoria for 2 days once and ate at Reebar twice, almost missing my ferry back to Seattle.



Chefs on the Loose!

I had the best time the other night at Chefs on the Loose - 3401 Bay to Bay Blvd in Tampa FL 33629.

check out http://www.chefsontheloose.net for some f-u-n, f-u-n fun!

We made turkey scollapini, roasted potatoes (pre micro'ed for 6 min), and strawberries w/ balsamic glaze!

Gather with your friends and business associates here for a deliciously wonderful time!



Peanut Brittle

Makes about 2 pounds (approximately 12 servings)

My friend Catherine lives in Virginia with her two little white Westies and for Christmas, I received a giant 2+ pound tub of REAL VIRGINIA HOME-COOKED GOURMET SALTED PEANUTS from them - HO HO HO! No additives, no preservatives - just pure, make in the USA peanuts flavored with nothing but salt and cooked in canola oil. They are the freshest, crunchiest, biggest peanuts EVER. You can order from http://www.vapeanuts.com and you'll love 'em! They make the perfect gift for someone like me - someone who has just about everything - except peanuts.

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