My Fiddle Hero Kathy shares her Grandma's Christmas Dinner

Grandma's Christmas Dinner
by Kathy Vandemortel

“Mangia! I make-a just-a for you!”

Do I wish I could hear Grandma say those words again!

I never realized how one could express love of family and friends through cooking for them and feeding them until I made a holiday meal just like Grandma’s last Christmas. It sure is a labor of love!

Kathy is my fiddle hero (she says I'm her garlic hero! :o) ) and click below to visit "Plugged In". It is a great spot sponsored by Kodak. Plugged In is a place for ideas and knowledge sharing from the people of Kodak about technology.

JoAnn's Cleveland Hummus

JoAnn’s Cleveland Hummus

This hummus recipe was not included in the book "A Miscellany of Garlic". So many favorites, so little page space. I hated the thought of leaving this garlicky hummus recipe out so, not to be left out at all, here it is for you as a giveaway promotion for the book itself. Save it to your phone and you'll always have it handy.

Homemade hummus is a real crowd pleaser and is perfect for parties. It stores well if covered tightly and kept in the refrigerator so you can easily make a few batches ahead of time.

Book Launch Party Event and Amazon $6.97 DEAL!

Local Author Book Launch and Signing
Friday, 9 December 2011
Downtown Dunedin Wine Walk, 3PM until closing
Enchanted Branch Gift Gallery

- - -

A miracle occurred for me this past summer and I was commissioned to write a book on garlic. Well, "A Miscellany of Garlic" is finally out and I'm assembling a launch party in downtown Dunedin FL - the info is below and I hope to see many of you to help us celebrate. What I'm most excited about for Friday is that some of my music friends are gathering in front of the Enchanted Branch Gift Gallery in downtown Dunedin to form the Garlic Jam Band - the event is sure to please all senses!

A Great Garlic Adventure

An amazing summer project and now a noteworthy accomplishment - Adams Media is about to publish "A Miscellany of Garlic" and it is a book that I researched and authored!

Garlic is a powerful healer and an amazing and mysterious vegetable. Garlic has a rich and ancient history, a powerful and frequently maligned reputation, and the ability to fend off disease, body fat, and bad moods. It is the second most popular seasoning in the US.

You can pre-order "A Miscellany of Garlic" on now.

There are some supporting electronic materials that we'll make available here so you can appreciate the beauty of various garlic varieties and enjoy a picture flip book of our garlic adventures so far! Who knew there are some many beautiful kinds and that it grows so close to home?

More coming soon!

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