The Garlic Talk: Brighton Town Hall, Rochester NY, June 19th, 7PM

Trina Clickner
And join us for a delightful evening!

The Garlic Talk
Tuesday, June 19th, 7-9PM
Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Ave
Downstairs Meeting Room

The Garlic Talk is an informative, fun evening that will fill your senses. We’ll smell garlic, examine garlic’s history and related alliums, see parts of a 1980’s garlic film entitled “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers”, zip through a slide set of the author’s amazing summer of 2011 garlic adventure, and you’ll also enjoy an old tyme fiddle performance of “The Garlic Waltz”.

The book, A Miscellany of Garlic, is a flavorful tribute to the “stinking rose”! From paying off pyramids to scaring away
tigers to inspiring courage, this delightful A-Z garlic handbook explores the unusual power behind the world’s most humble vegetable.

The Garlic Waltz by the Garlic Jam Band

Here is an unedited video of the Garlic Jam Band playing "The Garlic Waltz" by Rutthy Taubb. Rutthy wrote the song, I added the refrain that goes:

"For more than just eating.
For hairlines receeding.
For love and to hang on the wall.
It's Mmmmmm and mighty and mystical magical
garlic's the best of them all!"

"The Garlic Talk" - YouTube Video

Here's a cute little 2.5 minute video made from my Dunedin FL public library presentation of "The Garlic Talk". Sort of like the 6th grade (maybe it happens earlier now?) "Sex Talk" - just spicier! :o)

Off to North Carolina With Garlic Talk and Fiddle!

"The Garlic Talk" at the library was a success - the video of it is posted here and be sure to search YouTube for the full length editions! I'm scheduling additional talks here and then elsewhere throughout the summer so if you think a program on garlic would be well received in your community, let me know.

I headed back up to Rochester, NY through the Carolina's and fiddled with folks along the way, as I am known to do. Here's a precious something I found in North Carolina so I joined these folks to jam in the Union Alley Coffeehouse in Washington, NC - they meet every Saturday morning. It was FUN! Maybe I'll stop in again on the way back down south. See you there? :o)

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