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Chili Colorado Burritos - Colorful Merry Christmas Gift for Paul and Friends

Chili Colorado Burritos
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What to give all these friends? We have it all, and want to downsize.

This year, for gifts, I'm giving everyone dinner and here's how! I'm cooking up a giant pot of Chili Colorado to make 40 fat burritos that I'll roll in aluminum foil, freeze, and then tie with colorful curly ribbons. Then, I'll give them away in groups of 3+ - HO HO HO. Friends are to then bake and enjoy in a future hungry moment - yum yum!

Try it! Chili Colorado burritos are easy to make (burrito assembly is a little tedious - enlist a friend) and are sure to garner cooking kudos and repeated recipe requests.


Phipps Conservatory Garlic Collection

My final summer project is now documented at last - here is the collection of garlic gathered from various growers at the Phipps Conservatory "Red, Ripe and Roasted: Garlic and Tomato Festival" 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA. (Plus three additional garlics I tucked in!)

Each year Phipps host many wonderful events - their annual "Red, Ripe and Roasted: Garlic and Tomato Festival" was a place I found quite appropriate for me this summer! :o)

What fun and OH MY - what a magnificent place to explore!

Eating Well: Chipotle Beef Potato Salad - OMG w/or w/out tortillas

I suddenly remembered this easy recipe with a spicy kick - great on the side, as a main dish, or wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Stew meat, diced potatoes, diced chipotles, diced red onion tossed with fresh avocado slices and lime juice.

It's probably poverty food but call me a VERY big fan of this basic, mouth-watering beef and potato delight!

Chipotle Beef Potato Salad


Phipps Conservatory's 8th annual Tomato & Garlic festival: Red, Ripe & Roasted

If you're in or around Pittsburgh, PA on August 26th 2012, treat yourself to a delightful day at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This year is the 8th annual tomato and garlic festival, featuring two of the season's tastiest crops.

Each year, Phipps gathers the greater Pittsburgh community together to celebrate the bounty of summer and offers tastings, cooking demos, a farmers' market, kids' activities, and more! I'm speaking 11:00 to 12:00 right there on their historic and sustainably managed front lawn!

For details see: http://phipps.conservatory.org/exhibits-and-events/featured-event.aspx?e...

If you bring a donation for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank you'll receive free admission.

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