Forget the usual paty cake, make a cake pop instead!

How can commenting on cake pops be a bad assignment? Any project that starts with research by eating has my name on it. Thanks to the internet, the world is my oyster and so I eat, research, write and submit. This time, the rest was left to Phorum Dalal in Mumbai who produced this delightful article for the Sunday Mid-Day.

Lore of Lamb: The Story Behind a Seasonal Favorite (And a Coke-Inspired Recipe, Too)

Coca-Cola is for more than just drinking - you probably knew that. But did you know that it can season up a traditional lamb dinner?

Here's an article by writer Mackensy Lunsford that offers some Easter and lamb history and a new application for 8 oz of our fizzy favorite - Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola has lots more for you - visit - it's an amazing collection of images and info. Take a journey from today's hip, modern Coke world all the way back to olden days to have a look at some very old fashioned Coca-Cola memorabilia!

Old Virginia Smokehouse - Dean Reed, Bill Richardson, Bill Blevins, Mac Traynham, and a few more old timer music makers lead us to Ragtime Annie.

Another awesome fiddling and great food adventure from north to south - how'd I get so lucky to be sitting in at this jam at the Old Virginia Smokehouse? Thank you Bill Richardson! For more fiddling adventures, tunes, music, and videos, visit the String Chickens web site at

A rare treat - what a find! I'm sitting between Bill Blevins (watch his stellar old time fiddling on my left) and Bill Richardson (listen to his flipping amazing fiddling on my right) - pinch me this is AWESOME!

The following video I posted on YouTube was captured at the weekly Thursday night jam on January 24, 2013 at the Old Virginia Smokehouse in Pearisburg, VA, not far from Blacksburg, VA, home of Virginia Tech.

OLD FASHIONED DINERS - how one thing leads to another

The local diner was - and still is - the place for hearty, 24/7 breakfasts, quick but wholesome, down-home lunches, after-school snacks and family dining with a hearty and healthy choice for family members of all ages.

Home-cooked comfort food, friendly, personal service, the soda fountain, over-the-top, sky-high desserts and the round-the-clock kitchen continue to delight diner lovers as they gather even today.

Is there an old fashioned diner near you?

Here is an article from Spring 2012 on diners - see it on the Lawrenceville Patch site.

Thanks to, I get occasional calls from writers on a food assignments. Hello there, how nice, and what fun - it encourages me to spend a day or so researching some usually very yummy topic.

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