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Welcome to Food Historian | Food Historian

Welcome to Food Historian

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Foodhistorian.com was established in Fall 2008 as a fun, self-directed project combining of three of my favorite things:

1. engaging technology,
2. hands-on learning, and
3. cooking/food.

I hope it delights and entertains you and leads to some top notch cookery in your very own kitchen.

I also hope that it encourages you to become your own, self-appointed family food historian on a mission to capture your own recipes, memories, traditions and history - all surrounding great food.

This site combines the talent of many, the technology of Drupal, Macintosh, iPhone and the internet, some fairly simple techniques, patience galore, and a love of great food.

Welcome to foodhistorian.com and bon appetit!
This site is dedicated to my Mother, Elise Clickner.

Trina Clickner