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Never Hangry in Horseheads

Surprise surprise surprise!

A well worth it drive if you’re hungry and near Watkins Glen, Mountour Falls, Chautauqua, Elmira or the Corning airport, please find:

  • Curley’s Chicken House - long-standing family favorite
  • Dragon Wok Chinese - Delicious and Fun

Forget the usual paty cake, make a cake pop instead!

How can commenting on cake pops be a bad assignment? Any project that starts with research by eating has my name on it. Thanks to the internet, the world is my oyster and so I eat, research, write and submit. This time, the rest was left to Phorum Dalal in Mumbai who produced this delightful article for the Sunday Mid-Day.

Lore of Lamb: The Story Behind a Seasonal Favorite (And a Coke-Inspired Recipe, Too)

Coca-Cola is for more than just drinking - you probably knew that. But did you know that it can season up a traditional lamb dinner?

Here's an article by writer Mackensy Lunsford that offers some Easter and lamb history and a new application for 8 oz of our fizzy favorite - Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola has lots more for you - visit - it's an amazing collection of images and info. Take a journey from today's hip, modern Coke world all the way back to olden days to have a look at some very old fashioned Coca-Cola memorabilia!

Eating Well: Chipotle Beef Potato Salad - OMG w/or w/out tortillas

I suddenly remembered this easy recipe with a spicy kick - great on the side, as a main dish, or wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Stew meat, diced potatoes, diced chipotles, diced red onion tossed with fresh avocado slices and lime juice.

It's probably poverty food but call me a VERY big fan of this basic, mouth-watering beef and potato delight!

Chipotle Beef Potato Salad

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